The first installment of The Rundown where I share with you software development things you’re sure to find interesting.

  • Quote

    What matters is having explicit tests that make it easy for you to understand both 1) what is failing, and 2) how you can fix it quickly. — Zach Holman

    I see so many integration tests that test something, but just what is hard to tell. And worse, when they fail, they don’t help determine what exactly went wrong.

  • Project Spring RestDocs with the Spring Auto Restdocs extension

    Documentation is hard. The least you can do is document your public API. This project makes documenting a Spring Boot microservice a snap. Vanilla Spring Restdocs was a verbose way of creating documentation. The extension uses your javadoc to create the documentation, helping you stay DRY. I’ll have a tutorial on this soon.

  • Twitter Mike Sullivan Cloud native ninja

  • Emacs The incredible web-mode

    Edit your web files with a single mode. Includes an impressive number of engines for javascript, erb, go, and so on. Get your web editing on!

  • White Paper The Upside Down Economics of Building Your Own Platform

    Write your own framework. Make your own cache. Do it ourselves, what could go wrong? How about everything!

  • Book Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

    Part Two Understanding Functions is required reading for any aspiring JavaScript dev.

  • Beer Ska Modus Mandrina IPA

    Because, after looking at code all day, you could use a cold brew.
    Not-too-fruity orange ipa with Mandarina Bavaria hops. This one’s for the summer.

That’s the Rundown. Let me know if you found any of this interesting.

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