Rundown 2020.09.11

The Rundown where I share with you software development things you are sure to find interesting.

Friday's Diversion - Ski Gressoney

Beautiful short ski film from DPS Skis.

Lean this weeks muse

Coherent and productive meetings with the minimum amount of structure. this week's muse

Reckon is a Gradle plugin to infer your project's version number without the ridiculousness of hard-coding it in build files.

Distributed Work

COVID-19 got you working from home? A Collection of tips and resources.

Flexible Height, Responsive, Sticky Footers

Your web page has a header, some content, and a footer. If the content isn’t vertically long enough to push the footer down, the footer ends up in the middle of the page - ugly!

Morning Dose of strftime()

%a, %b %d %l:%M.%S WTF??!!

Moving is the New Black

How and why you should work standing up.

Morning Dose of One Line HTTP Servers

When you need to serve something up from the command line.