Rundown: The First

The first installment of The Rundown where I share with you software development things you’re sure to find interesting.


What matters is having explicit tests that make it easy for you to understand both 1) what is failing, and 2) how you can fix it quickly. – Zach Holman

I see so many integration tests that test something, but just what is hard to tell. And worse, when they fail, they don’t help determine what exactly went wrong.


Spring RestDocs with the Spring Auto Restdocs extension

Documentation is hard. The least you can do is document your public API. This project makes documenting a Spring Boot microservice a snap. Vanilla Spring Restdocs was a verbose way of creating documentation. The extension uses your javadoc to create the documentation, helping you stay DRY. I’ll have a tutorial on this soon.


Mike Sullivan Cloud native ninja


The incredible web-mode

Edit your web files with a single mode. Includes an impressive number of engines for javascript, erb, go, and so on. Get your web editing on!

White Paper

The Upside Down Economics of Building Your Own Platform

Write your own framework. Make your own cache. Do it ourselves, what could go wrong? How about everything!


Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Part Two Understanding Functions is required reading for any aspiring JavaScript dev.


Ska Modus Mandrina IPA

Because, after looking at code all day, you could use a cold brew. Not-too-fruity orange ipa with Mandarina Bavaria hops. This one’s for the summer.

That’s the Rundown. Let me know if you found any of this interesting.