Rundown 2020.09.11

The Rundown where I share with you software development things you’re sure to find interesting.


Every tweet from Allen Holub is part of a masterclass on Agile development, corporate dysfunction, and fixes for much of what ails software development. Strongly suggest you give him a follow.

Distributed Work

Matt Mullenweg’s take on how companies evolve into distributed work (or get stuck and don’t).

The first level is where most colocated businesses are: there’s no deliberate effort to make things remote-friendly, though in the case of many knowledge workers, people can keep things moving for a day or two when there’s an emergency. More often than not, they’ll likely put things off until they’re back in the office. Work happens on company equipment, in company space, on company time. You don’t have any special equipment and may have to use a clunky VPN to access basic work resources like email or your calendar. Larger level one companies often have people in the same building or campus dialing into a meeting. Level one companies were largely unprepared for this crisis.

Distributed Work’s Five Levels of Autonomy, describes different levels of (in)effective distributed working, and, like all of Matt’s writing, is an inspirational read.



…creating another functional silo that sits between dev and ops is clearly a poor (and ironic) way to try and solve these problems. Devops proposes instead strategies to create better collaboration between functional silos, or doing away with the functional silos altogether and creating cross-functional teams (or some combination of these approaches).

My current situation has me screaming into the void that we don’t need another devOps team, but rather could use a platform team that views development as a customer and supports self provisioning test and deployment environments. Jez Humble does a great job of articulating the devOps team anti-pattern and a solution.


Matt Raible has a blog post and source code for a Spring WebFlux based streaming data REST API. It’s worth reading and checking out the source code.

Full Stack Reactive with Spring WebFlux, WebSockets, and React


In these strange and stressful times, take a dive into a practice that blends two of my favorite things: running and meditation.

District Vision has provided free and unfettered access to its Mindful Athlete course which explores the dynamic between silent and moving meditation. I can’t recommend it enough - the first sitting meditation is worth using as a basic practice, even if you never get to the rest of the course.

Mindful Athlete Course - 2020