Rundown: The First

The first installment of the Rundown where I share with you software development things.

Iterate Fast

Onsi Fakhouri from Pivotal on delivering value by making it easy to ship software. this week's muse

Eliminate boiler plate code with project Lombok

Friday's Diversion - Slackline

Incredible slackline footage from Australia's Runaways Production House

Installing Up-To-Date Node.js on Linux

I’m running a recent version of XUbuntu, and have installed Node.js via the package manager. But, the version in the Ubuntu repos is horribly out of date:

Friday's Diversion - freediving

Freediving with Guillaume NĂ©ry this week's muse

Learn Javascript by adventuring arount in the terminal.

Friday's Diversion - Boxing

A beautiful short film on the sweet science. this week's muse

Civilized browser based presentation tool